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Kiss & Tell: An Amaryllis Media Anthology

What could go wrong when the good girl gets stuck with the bad boy? After all, it's just chemistry...

This limited edition collection takes readers on a whirlwind through new adult college romances where the good girl is stuck with the bad boy and she's not happy about it, until their chemistry together makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

All NET PROFITS will benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital. Over 30+ stories and a great cause! What are you waiting for? Grab it below! 


Legend James is the epitome of a bad boy and every girl at Allister University seems to worship him. Me? Yeah, he’s the bane of my existence.

To him I’ve always been his little brother’s nerdy best friend, and I continually remind him he’s too cocky for his own good. Unfortunately, luck doesn’t seem to be on my side these days. Now, I’m officially living with him.

Do you know how hard it is to play nice with the one person you can’t stand? It’s horrible. Like… seriously, the worst. I’m not sure how we’re both going to survive this semester and come out alive on the other side. But as time progresses, I slowly start to realize that Legend James is not the guy I thought he was. He’s making me see that there’s more to him than good looks and a blasé attitude.

The problem with that? I think I’m falling in love with him.

Yeah. I’m completely screwed.


Silverbell Shore

Binding Ties

Do you like small town romances? How about sizzling stories with big secrets? Coming this May, 21 authors are bringing you 23 romances in a brand-new world, Silverbell Shore, created by Alexandra Silva and Sophie B-author!

These are all standalones set in the small town of Silverbell Shore.

Get ready for eighteen months of epic love stories with big secrets and all the feels from Alexandra Silva - Sophie Blue - Susana Mohel - Imogen Wells - DL Gallie - Ashley Munoz - Rosie East - Katie Rae - Lexi Noir - Zoey Drake  Lou Stock - Kathleen Kelly & Maci Dillon - Laura Farr - Dani René - K.L. Humphreys - DC Renee - Lissanne Jones  Harlow Layne - India R. Adams - Tracey Jukes - Alley Ciz.

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