Signed Paperback -Written in the Sand

Signed Paperback -Written in the Sand

“Written in the Sand is quite an emotional ride! From page one, the captivating storyline takes off and leads me on an unforgettable journey. Such an inspirational romance about moving forward from destruction and finding that special someone to share forever with." — USA Today Bestselling Author, Harloe Rae

I always believed my happily ever after came with the words “I do.”
I’d been happy once. In love. Until one night changed everything.
Changed us. The love of my life, or so I thought, had become my own worst nightmare.

So here I am…

Back in Moonshine Springs. A place I wouldn’t return to unless absolutely necessary. But that’s not the biggest shock. Waiting for me with open arms and a safe place to stay is my high school best friend’s brother, Beau. He’s told me I’m his, but starting over isn’t as easy as creating a new happily ever after. My past isn’t done with me and soon enough, bleeds into my present.

My name is Cassidy Mae and this is my chance to begin again...

*This book contains some scenes of domestic and graphic violence, sexual scenes, and mature themes. Please be aware these may cause triggers for the reader.*